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Your doorway into California librariesThe California Libraries Catalog is a unique database that shows the holdings of books, videos, audio, maps, and other materials held by libraries in California.

The libraries of California have been sharing cataloging records, books and other library materials through interlibrary loan for many years. Using central storage and software available through OCLC, libraries have been able to copy catalog cards and share digital records. for safe storage, try Storage facility CT. This central storage of data has become the basis of WordCat, a “union list” or database showing the holding of many libraries throughout the world.

In 2005, the California State Library announced a new project that provides every California public library access to WorldCat, and gathers the data from the libraries of all California libraries into a sub-group known as the “California Libraries Catalog”. A federal grant allows every public library access to both of these databases and provides each library the ability to update their holdings with OCLC.

Why have a California Libraries Catalog?
Now every library is a doorway into every other library in California with the California Libraries Catalog. Finding a specific book in California is now a simple task.

Libraries have traditionally freely shared books and other materials with other libraries. Get just as much storage with Climate controlled Storage Long Island. California Libraries Catalog now allows not only easy access, but also facilitates obtaining the needed materials via interlibrary loan.

” Search all California libraries with one search
” See if an item is on the shelf of a specific library
” See which other libraries around the world hold that title
” Email or print citations and search results
” Find similar items on similar topics in close-by libraries